Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I recently discovered an author who makes me laugh to the point of tears no matter what mood I was in when I opened her books. This is a rare and beautiful thing. And, better yet, she has released lots of books. Under two names, no less!

I hoped to find her on twitter, thinking her feed would at least occasionally make me spew my beverage of choice on surfaces of convenience. I couldn't find her by a simple name search, so I went to her website, where I discovered that she did not tweet. I was astounded! How could this prolific author not be on twitter?


Actually, the revelation wasn't mine. I believe she explained that she's not on twitter or other social media because she's busy, you know, producing the books that threaten to make me pee myself - in a good way. Or, in the good way, because hilarity is the only good cause I can think of for spontaneous incontinence.

But I digress. I love twitter. I love it the way other people love bacon-wrapped scallops or Glee or facebook.

I reduce my usage when I'm writing toward a deadline, whether for a submission or when responding to edits from my agent or editor. But I've gotten to the point where I don't think I can let it go. I don't want to, for one thing. I've cultivated a wonderful list to follow. I learn a ton from it. I get news before it breaks through the regular media. I am inspired and touched by these tiny little feeds throughout the day.

But it does take time away from my writing, as does cruising forums, blogging and following blogs, checking stats and sales, and researching both subjects and craft.

What about you guys? What's your online kryptonite?


  1. Facebook and AW. They steal so much time from me. :)

  2. Neurotic in-box checking. That takes HOURS and HOURS a day. Wears me right out.

    But, yeah, Twitter is deep-fried crack for me as well.

  3. Oooh, I just noticed the first commenter is also a Kristen. Maybe we should see if we can get you a full array of comments from only Kristens today.

  4. Social media has become a great procrastination tool. I belong to twitter, facebook, LinkedIn, google+, write a blog, and follow about 30 blogs. And it's justified! Everyone says you have to use it to market your books, right? And you have to start using it *before* you have a book to sell. So obviously I have to spend lots of time building my network. Writing can come later...

    Oh, hey, sorry to break the Kristen trend.

  5. Yes, but who is this author that makes you laugh so much?

  6. Feeds - agent feeds, blogger feeds, news feeds. I use internet too much.

  7. Um ... hello???? Name of author? Some of us want to laugh like that, too!! :)

  8. Kristen - I'm still not much of a facebookist. Facebookie? AW, though, all the way. \m/ \m/ <-- I just learned throw up horns.

    KLM Kristen - Twitter is the deep fried ice cream of social media. Unlikely, but impossible to turn down.

    Marie - Of course it's justified! Recommended, even. *cough* enabling *cough*

    EEV - Or maybe the internet uses you. O.O

    Shawn and Aimee - Shelly Laurenston (not sure if she's your type, Shawn). I read The Mane Squeeze, and while I wasn't always sure what was going on, I was in hysterics for a good part of the book. There...there may have been some snorting involved.

  9. I just +1'ed this blog post., I won't do it. I refuse. But anywho, to answer your question, Google+ is my new shiny kryptonite.