Wednesday, August 10, 2011


This month's prompt is The Continuing Story of a Song. It's a two-pronged doozy.

Step 1: Choose a song. 

Step 2: Continue the story. Read the post before yours and continue the story in any direction you see fit. Your continuation must be based on, inspired by, or in some other way influenced by your song choice.

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We are Stars - The Pierces

The branches, bowed by heavy leaves, parted, revealing a sloping band of white sand. Chris paused, his eyes adjusting to the diminishing light. The sun exhaled a final pastel sigh and disappeared. Before it went, he saw her, motionless at the water’s edge. Sand ground through his sandals as he walked to her.

He stopped an arm’s length away, admiring the way the thin sheath she wore draped the curves of her body. She turned, and sweat bloomed cold across his back.

“I saw you,” she said, casually, like they were in the middle of a conversation. Like she was alive.


“You aren’t like those people. You want more. Like me. This is the place where you can find what you’re looking for.” Her hair drifted around her head, though there was no breeze. She raised a pale hand, and her smile reached her milky blue eyes. “Let me show you.”

He recoiled from her, slogging backwards through the cloying sand. She tilted her head to the side. The smile fled her face.


“This isn’t…this isn’t happening.”

“Please don’t be like this.”  She followed him, her movements eerily stilted. “We know what you want, what you came here for. We can give it to you. Just let us in.”

Christ, he’d had too much to drink, or too much sun. That was it. “High UV index,” he stammered, turning when his heel landed on hard ground. Leaves slapped against his face. He ran.

The lights of the resort bobbed in the distance. He’d go back, ask for the doctor. They had a doctor; he’d seen her tending to a man who’d sliced his finger on coral while snorkeling. Chris looked over his shoulder; darkness stared back. He slowed, pressed the back of his hand against his forehead. He was burning up.

He’d take a cold bath, sleep with the AC on. Tomorrow he’d stay in the shade beside the pool. Talk to the people there, maybe find someone to have dinner with. A breath fluttered across his left ear. He spun, hands raised, but saw nothing. He ran again, barely able to make out the path, his feet sliding in his sandals.

The lights got closer. He heard laughter. He wouldn’t leave again. He’d stay there, stay amongst the living. He laughed, a high-pitched cackle. God, he was delirious. He burst onto the manicured lawn, slowed to a hasty walk as a foursome in the hot tub fell silent, watching him. He pulled open the first door he found.

Music assailed him, and his shoulders dropped in relief. A woman slid out of the crowd, arms flailing, and collided with him. He grabbed her to steady her, to steady himself. She was warm, smelling of floral perfume and perspiration. She was alive, and he never wanted to let her go.

“Are you alright?” he asked.


  1. Nice way of tying the two story threads together. Well done.

  2. Very nice! I wish I could hear the music at work, but it's blocked! :(

    I will definitely read again when I get home this evening. Thanks!

  3. Whoa... the song really added colour and texture to the beach scene. Gave me goosebumps. Nicely done!

  4. Ralfast and Diane - thank you so much.

    drlong67 - It was interesting trying to select a song (I had a short list of three) after having written it. This one added just the right touch of "haunting", I thought. :)

  5. I am so there with Chris on the beach, totally freaking out. I can't listen to the song while at work either, but I'll have to come back and do that. I'm loving how these songs really add life to the words!

  6. Nice way of pulling the threads together. Your writing is wonderfully evocative.

  7. The beautiful ethereal music really added to the creepiness of the beach scene. And you tied two threads together quite perfectly. Well done!

  8. April - so happy to have freaked you out! :)

    Thanks, Diane and Cath. This was a challenge on several levels.

  9. Great job bringing the parts of the story together and for giving it the supernatural feel that carried through the pieces that followed.

  10. Well, that's certainly not who I expected Chris to meet...but it does take things in quite the unexpected (and creepy!) direction!