Thursday, August 26, 2010

Trends - Week Ending 8/27

I don't have much to say for myself today, so I'll toss out some things that I've noticed this week. Are they important? No. Were they notable? To me, apparently.

Others' use of the word "puny", as in:
  - I'm sitting here feeling rather puny.
  - I'm stuck with the puny one.
 - It's not that puny.

Also, if you say "puny" a lot, it starts to sound fake, and a little bit dirty.

My misspelling of the word "stockholders". So far we have "storkholders" (a gentle folk) and "sockholders" (you know, those eight foot tall crystalline structures that grow only in the deepest, darkest part of the ocean, smell faintly of mothballs and ginger and have a perfectly sock-shaped arm at the very top). Also, "stockette" came up once. I just wasn't paying attention that time.

People ringing me while I'm at Ye Olde Day Job, asking if I have a minute and, when I say "no", they launch into twenty minutes monologues barked in my general direction, but for which my participation is not actually required. To those people, I say: I set the phone down for most of that "conversation", so if you had any information that I actually need to know about, send me an email. Or, better yet, a singing telegram. Those never get old.


  1. i wish i could get singing telegrams where i work... it'd be a little awkward taking reservations via singing telegram, but the effort would be well worth it. :D

    ...puny ;)

  2. I have to type the word "fire" at my job a lot, and consistently end up with "frie". I love the emails where I wrote "this frie district". Sounds like McDonald's has taken over quite a lot!

  3. I think that the singing telegram is an underrated way to do business. Perhaps with the recession, that will turnaround.

    Personally, I like my frie district (it's district 3Thick Cut, but the district across the street (battered and sweetened) is just nasty.