Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Why do we blog?

To educate? Yes, I would like to know how to field dress wounds, tell when mixed field greens are ready for picking, and learn how to field a ball hit off the Green Monster like Ted Williams.

To amuse? (Personally, I don't even try anymore, since HYPERBOLE AND A HALF has that covered)

To announce? COMING SOON


To share our interests, passions, and hobbies?

To build communities, followings, or fellowships?

To tell the world about the ups and downs of your open marriage? (Stumbled upon that due to a misspelling while googling, I swear)

So that we have a place where we can commit serious interior decorating faux pas daily without dropping a dime or getting divorced? (I still miss my Eye of Sauron background)

Why do you blog?


  1. I blog because I would go insane if I kept this all in my head. Even if no one else reads it, I can look at it and say, "There. It has been said."

    And I hear it's a great way to meet girls. (No, kidding! I'm married and already have the best!)

  2. It's for the money and the fame, right? Yeah, still waiting on those..

    And I'm with Dexter - it's free therapy.

  3. I agree with Dexter as well. It's about sharing these crazy things that float around in our heads. Plus, I do hope to build a following so that when I do finally publish something, I can say, "Hey look, all these people follow my blog, Twitter, etc, so they'll buy my book. So you should publish it." We'll see if it works.

  4. To be heard, even if only sometimes, even if just a little. Isn't that, in the end, why we all do it?

    I read blogs, however, to see what the cool kids (like you) are up to these days. By the way, you amuse without even having to try.


  5. You do have the best, Dexter. Lucky fella. :)

    Money and fame, Jen? Bwaahaahaa...good one.

    Kristen, _do_ let me know if that works, and how you made it work!

    Even if just a little is right, Bru. I follow so many great blogs, but only get to stop in once or twice a week. And that's on a good week! But I love the little glimpses, those flashes of sincerity or amusement or justified outrage. It's like getting to peek into other writers' windows...but not in a creepy way.