Monday, July 18, 2011


I'm not one of those people who can write well while listening to music. Oh, I've written to music, but the amount of time it took me to decipher and edit those bits was nearly as long as it took me to write them. When reading through a first draft, I can tell within a few words when I've reached a part that I wrote with my headphones on. They look something like this:

He put her arm on her shoulder and booked glory dining table. 

"This isn't the fist time," she said. Pungent. "Also I need to bick up my cleaning."

"The pigs," he said, shaking his head and running her hand through his hair. "Every time. Fuck."

She kissed him and meant it. 

Touching stuff.

So, how about you? Can you write through distractions? Do you have to have the television on as a backdrop to your scene? Do you have a set playlist to attract the muse? Do the pigs really, every time?

LISTENING TO: Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before - The Smiths


  1. "This isn't the fist time," she said. Pungent. "Also I need to bick up my cleaning."


    But I'm with you: I can't write a lick when there are distractions. Dead quiet with no interruptions is ideal.

  2. I can't write WITHOUT music. Having said that, I don't think I'm really listening to the music. I'll often get immersed in writing and not even realise I've missed a whole chunk of my playlist.
    And the pigs? Yes, really, every single time.

  3. Any sort of soft background noise always bugs me when I'm writing, but if I blast it so loudly that the cats have to hide, it works just fine. This is particularly effective with Joe Strummer and Concrete Blonde. Pungent.

  4. The only kind of background distraction I can have is talking (tv has too much music). And even then, if it's too loud or if someone has a certain kind of voice, I can't concentrate. Music is definitely out.

  5. I have different play list for different characters. It helps me to channel them when I'm writing. I don't have it very loud, but it works for me. :)

  6. Cobra and Ella Gray - "Pungent" is going to become the new "fistbump". I can feel it! (Also Concrete Blonde is brilliant at any volume)

    Jen - *gasp* Every single time? Bloody hell!

    Margo - Can you describe this "certain kind of voice"? I'm imagining a fingernails on chalkboard sort of sound.

    Kristin - I can totally identify with that. I have playlists for moods, but I have to pause them to write the scenes they are enhancing.

  7. I can;t write in complete silence. But i have a hard time if I like the music too much. My compromise is to turn the tv on to a really terrible movie and let it run. Works every time! (Of course I mostly writing crap, so who's to know the difference!)

  8. Silence! Mwaha.

    And pigs? Hate them. They make me a very Angry Bird indeed!!! :P

  9. Ah yes, the poor quality of the movie is imperative, Lela. If it was good, it would be a perfect excuse not to write. :)

    You're just a wee bit fanatical about the Angry Birds tonight, Jaime. :)