Friday, August 19, 2011


I'm falling out of love with my writing space.

I'm grateful that I have writing space at all, but it's feeling cramped and dirty and disorganized. I could be noticing this because winter is on its way (it's Alaska-September might toss a couple of nice days our way, but I've already resigned to the inevitable) and I'm mentally rebelling against months of choking seasonal claustrophobia. Or possibly because I'm having some trouble transitioning from one project to another so I'm looking for things to distract me.


Maybe it's time to paint

Or perhaps install some shelves

Or go shopping for new drapes

Or download that new Uzbekistani noir songs for writers album

Or learn a foreign language so that I can describe my discontent in Yezidi

Okay, so I'm totally looking for a distraction. This means that I must eliminate them, and fast, so I can get to the next level. That's right, I do live my life like a video game!*

So tomorrow I'll spend a couple of hours cleaning, which will mostly involve selecting cleaning music**, dusting and trying to keep the cats from eating lemon-scented Pledge***

And then everything shall be wonderful and the words will flow like wine. Or, if they don't, the wine will flow like wine.

Do you have a designated writing space? In your home or out? Anything you want to change about it?

* A boring-ass video game.

** This is actually the same music I always listen to.

*** I don't know what mineral deficiency causes them to lick up cleaning products. I just...I do my best to keep them out of them, okay?


  1. I have a space that is in desperate need of having the boxes put in the attic, the extra computer case-parts taken to the dump, the overflowing books on the sagging shelves reorganized, the torn up walls fixed and repainted (maybe with some built in shelves added to compensate for the one that's holding all my books?). So I'm with ya on the need for a cleaned up space. ;)

  2. Something must be in the air because I'm discontented, too. Not with my writing space so much as with the look of my blog. I'm in the midst of renovating the design just for a change of pace.

    Of course, the fact that I've been home for 8 weeks with kids all summer and school doesn't start for 2 more weeks. Yeah, that might account for my desire for a fresh start.

    PS. My cat used to lick plastic bags. No idea.

  3. My cat licks tape. Obsessively. Seriously. I can't leave tape lying around. Who knows?!

  4. If by "designated" you mean "the only clean space left at the kitchen table," then yes.

  5. Aimee - :pathetic fistbump: Good luck!

    KLM - I'm starting to think it's fall coming. People always talk about spring cleaning, but I'm thinking a fall reboot/re-org is more important.

    Bettie - I'm beginning to worry about the entire species. :)

    Cobra - Correct! I'll sleep wherever I can lay my head, write wherever I can set my laptop.