Wednesday, September 21, 2011


It must be massive, Heaven's library. I thought at first that maybe everybody got their own, full of the crispest, most beautiful editions of all their favorite books. But now I think it must just be the one library, so that the denizens can roam the endless rows during their endless stay, tracing their greaseless fingertips (even if they just ate chocolate and barbeque, because there must always be chocolate and barbeque in Heaven, but nobody will ever be smudged).

They can discover any book or all the books or just peruse.

Imagine days spent stringing together first lines together into a story unto itself.

Weeks learning about the river deltas of the world below.

And of course, all books would be instantly translated and understandable, 'cause Heaven's a little bit Star Trek, too.


  1. And a little bit Angel - which would be fitting if Angel had actually been an angel, and not a vampire.
    But I like the concept, Jacques. For a moment it felt like I was there. :)

  2. Is it only dead people's books in there?

  3. Heaven will be strongly influenced by Joss Whedon, Jaime. :)

    Bettie: No. It will be all books, and dead authors can continue to write if they want, even those who maybe don't make it through the Pearly Gates. We can smuggle their books in. *nods*