Saturday, September 21, 2013


On Friday we decided to run away down to Seward, AK. It's the end of the season. Boats have sailed south and been pulled out of the water. Restaurants and other businesses are closed until spring. We were going to hike to the glacier but it was about 37 degrees, with the additional unpleasantness of drizzle and a breeze (also the name of my '70s Sonny & Cher tribute band: Drizzle and Breeze).

So we went to the Sea Life Center. In addition to having wonderful sea lions and seal exhibits, tons of educational material, the Sea Life Center has an amazing rehabilitation program.

The highlights for us today were the octopus, who was crazy active, and the moon jellies. The latter mostly because the harbor had been full of jellyfish, and while my son found those "icky" and "looking like floating brains", the moon jellies are tidy, elegant little creatures. Their dark enclosure makes it look like they're circulating in space. All very cool.


  1. They're lovely, aren't they? Down here we find so many lion's mane jellies washed up on the beach at this time of year, and I've seen several moon jellies lately, too. Not as elegant as when they're swimming, that's for sure!

  2. Great pictures and great band name! I couldn't imagine that kind of weather this time of year. Makes me long for next summer already!

    1. I'm longing, Dexter. I'm longing like crazy. (That's a Drizzle & Breeze song)