Monday, September 29, 2014


I assume most people who read this oh-so-infrequent blog are like me: insatiable readers who, no matter how deep and precariously stacked the to-be-read pile gets, are always looking for more stories.

I'm a binge-reader, a re-reader, and an adventurous reader. Point me toward words you're passionate about, and I'm off to the site or the stacks before you're done describing the new literary love of your life. Anthologies and literary journals/periodicals are brilliant for when I'm not sure what to read next or when I've had a bad run of stories that weren't meant for me. Or when I'm dipping my toe into a genre I haven't widely read before.

Apropos of that, today Fireside Fiction starts their third year. Fireside is a pro-paying market that hosts brilliant fiction (please forget I said that in the next paragraph) that tends toward but isn't exclusively speculative* fiction. It also features glorious art, which this year will be created by Galen Dara.

My flash fiction piece "The Cutting Yield" will be in the opening issue. I'm especially stoked that this year's serial novel was written by Lilith Saintcrow. I'm a huge fan. Last year's serial author, Chuck Wendig, was no slouch either.

*What if?

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