Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Hath Sprung (somewhat...a little...not so much)

Spring seems to think it's here, though I'm not convinced. Bugs are coming out of the woodwork, literally in the case of the commando spiders that appeared last week. And yesterday a bulbous black fly wandered into my windshield, clearly cold and disoriented like he'd been on a bender.

I am also cold and disoriented, but not like a newborn fly or like I've been on a bender (couldn't make it outside if I tried on those days). Winter has been long and dull. I've gained a lot of weight, and made the mistake of convincing myself it was only a little weight until I stopped being able to fit into things, like doorways. Little doorways, anyway.

So, while I have already failed at my New Year's Resolution (try not to be such an A-hole all the time), I have made some Spring Resolutions:
1. Exercise at least 120 hard minutes a week, on top of always taking the stairs.
2. Stop eating after 8 PM.
3. Spend more time outside. I swear I sometimes am only out for 2 minutes a day. It's ridiculous.

I figured I'm going to be in this body for awhile, despite all the science fiction I read, so I'd better start treating it like it matters.

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