Saturday, April 24, 2010

Aaaaand...we're back

Aaaaand…we’re back. The brief hiatus was to collect our thoughts, take a short and lovely vacation to St. Paul, MN and respond to the first signs of spring at the latitude with some half-hearted yardwork and balls-to-the-wall car washing.

Thoughts we thinked while away.

Target Field is pretty sweet. And seats in the Legends Club section yield a delightful view of 1st Baseman Justin Morneau's behind. Well designed (the ball park), it feels open even with about 40,000 people there, except when everyone is coming and going all at once. Unless you’re trying to find a cup of coffee, in which case you will walk seven miles inside of the ballpark and find exactly two coffee stands (one of which was directly behind you when you started walking, but you didn’t see it…thus the trip around the world).

Homemade raspberry limoncello is not a good idea. Not before or after dinner. Not with wine or beer or booze. Not in a boat and not with a goat.

The Happy Hour margherita pizza at Pazzaluna is, for reals, good.

My brother and his girlfriend are the bests hosts ever.

It hurts right around the sternum to be away from my two year-old for four and a half days.

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