Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How to Combat Illiteracy

By today’s standards, I carry a small purse. By “mommy bag” standards, it’s laughable. I used to only carry keys, a wallet and Chapstick, so this bag is a vast expansion for me. Inside of it, I have the aforementioned essentials, travel-size tissues, hand sanitizer and a Blackberry Bold, which is roughly the size of a Volkswagen Rabbit.

Why, you ask, would I carry such a large phone-thing when I am so minimal in my other choices? Because of this. Not the awesome, creative part of that, the angry part.

As pretty much everyone under the age of eighty now does, I too feel the need to randomly tweet updates of mundane goings-on, be instantly accessible (by phone, IM and two email accounts), and comment on news tidbits that have nothing to do with me. But I refuse to savage the English language while doing so. So I have a phone with a full-size keyboard on it. Sure, I still make typographical errors and occasionally type one letter off from where I intended and then send the message without spell checking it. But, I am afraid that once I start taking liberties with spelling, the path to complete regressive illiteracy will get shorter and more tempting. & thn WTF?

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