Monday, November 21, 2011


I'm not shopping on Black Friday. It's not because it will likely be below zero when the crowds start lining up outside for the best deals. It's not because I don't want to pay less for decent electronics and better jewelry. It's not because I'm anti-commerce or don't have the cash this year or am occupying anything.

It's because I've worked in retail.

Sales start earlier and last longer now than when I last sold shoes and shotguns to suburbanites. I hated working those days, people tearing through racks, leaving trails of carnage in their wake. People scooping from the shelves everything they could hold even though they didn't need it. Fun fact about that kind of shopping? About half the stuff gets returned over the course of the next few weeks, and is restocked and then resold at non-sale prices. I hated it, and I would never do that to anyone.

On a positive note, I don't feel like I'm missing out. I'm not into disposable electronics or giving people presents that were half off but that they don't really like. And I don't have to.

I'll be shopping locally, at places like AK Starfish Co. and 2 Friends gallery.

I'll be shopping online at some of the most addictive sites ever to grace the face of the earth at sites like Cemetery Cat Designs (love Psynde's Raven necklace - Poe goes with everything) and Strangeling.

For everybody that I can't take care of at places like that, it'll be books and cupcake-of-the-month clubs.

This Friday I hope to wake late, drink coffee and eat leftover Raspberry Trifle (recipe compliments of the wonderful @caitpeterson), read, play with my son, eat, and probably nap.

What are your favorite places to shop where you don't actually have to worry about being trampled?


  1. Shoes and shotguns? That's my kind of retail store!

    "I'll take these Louis Vuitton Intense Lace-Up Pumps and this Glock 19 please."

    "Would you like those gift-wrapped together or separate?"

    Black Friday may have some good deals, the $50 more I'll spend next week on the same product will be well worth sleeping in.

    Favorite stores? Eeesh, I hates them all this time of year. For the holidays, online is more my speed: ThinkGeek, Amazon, and Brushy Mountain Bee Farm (CobraMrsFit is getting new gloves, but don't tell her!).

  2. I like your plan. I try to do almost all my shopping online except for my kids. Then I wait until the dust settles and go to Target across the street from where I work.

    But on another note...there's a cupcake of the month club? And why was I not told this sooner?

  3. @Cobra - I'd probably be willing to pay $50 on a regular day to sleep in.

    @Claire - the cupcake of the month club originates in my kitchen and, truth be told, is more of a "you'll get a cupcake when I feel like it" club. ;)

  4. I'm with you. Not only have I worked retail, but I'm plain, just not crazy! I prefer to do most o fmy shopping online, actually. Friday, I will definitely sleep in because we're hosting Thursday night. And because I love to sleep in when I can. Oh wait. Haha - I'll be working. Blah.

    My sisters-in-law are crazy and go when the stores open. They actually wait in line for door busters. Insane.

  5. I've never shopped a Black Friday and I hope I never do. it just doesn't seem worth it.

  6. Sanity for the win, April!

    This is a good plan, Jessica. Do everything in your power (such as sleep) to stick with it!