Wednesday, November 30, 2011


After much breathless anticipation, I received the cover for Don't Bite the Messenger from Carina Press (via CrocoDesigns).

And, with that stunning image, wheels are suddenly in motion. The book is available for pre-order at Amazon and B&N. My website is under quick development, and I'm learning and setting up social media as quick as I can. 

Carina Press will feature Don't Bite the Messenger on Net Galley starting, I believe, in the middle of December. If you'd like a copy to review, please keep it in mind or let me know and I'll see if I can get it to you earlier.

I'll be setting up interviews and a trans-galactic blog tour shortly, so if you'd be interesting in hosting little old me, please email me: writerjakes at gmail dot com. I can talk about the story, the Alaskan setting, getting an agent, the road to publication, or how every time I go to a beautiful slash regal historical site in France, something poops on me. You alone know which of these your audience will like best.

Also, separately, I became a contributor at the awesome Pots n Pens blog, along with some other fantastic writers. Cooking, reading and writing: what's not to like? My first post there will go live on December 5th, I believe, so please pop on by and say hi.

That's it for now. Is a lot, yes?

Cover Art: Copyright © 2012 by Harlequin Enterprises Limited


  1. so not going to France with you....

  2. GORGEOUS cover! I will buy it for that alone, even if I don't like the book! :P Congratulations!

  3. Great cover! I may be forced to buy the print version. I'm excited to read the book! I'm also excited about your new gig. You talk about yummy food at twitter often enough that I was forced to subscribe to the feed.

  4. Very nice. And is that the Anchorage skyline there at the bottom?

    Congrats and thanks for proving that hard work and tenacity really do pay off!

  5. I'm hurt, bettie. :)

    Thank you, Jessica!

    Thanks, Amanda. The artist did a great job, but I hope you like the story as well. :)

    Thank-you, Marie! It's digital-first and, since it's a novella, it likely won't see print unless it gets included in an anthology or collection unfortunately.

    Thanks, Cobra. And yes, yes it is! So nice to see my city on my cover.

  6. Wow! That is one BEAUTIFUL cover! And if you come to Australia, I promise nothing will poop on you. Things will probably just bite/eat you. So at least you'd die with dignity. ;)

    Congratulations again! :D

  7. Thanks, Aimee!

    Thank-you, Jaime. Your invitation is...suspicious. :D

  8. that cover art is awesome! You must be thrilled!

  9. Thanks, Steven. I am beyond pleased. Isn't it stunning?

  10. It's amazingly, awesomely fantastic. I can't wait until January 16th! :-)