Monday, May 27, 2013


Today is gorgeous. It's over 60 degrees. No snow. No gale force winds. A perfect day for an outdoor activity, like chasing the five year-old all the hell over the zoo - which is full of hills and stairs and loose gravel - while wolverines and baby musk ox watch.

Actually, we couldn't find the wolverine, but that doesn't mean the wolverine wasn't watching us! (This is how I make zoo trips more exciting, by pretending I can see cut wires or tunnels burrowed under the enclosures that are empty. The kids love it, I tell you.)

We did get to see a few beasties on the move that we normally only find sleeping. Also, camels sound like wookies.

Prayer Bear (Grizzly)

Polar Bear, every day hustlin', hustlin'

Snow Leopard, moving with intent

Bactrian Camel, sounds like wookie

Happy Bear is Happy...also fatal (Grizzly)

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