Wednesday, February 17, 2010

On Hearing Impairment and Romance (mutually exclusive)

Various things today.

First, I found many, many typos in a relatively simple (in terms of word usage) short story I was working on, and determined that I had made them because I was wearing headphones and listening to music while writing. It seemed an easy problem to solve. I took a break, had lunch, cleaned up a bit, hung a lovely little train quilt my mother had made for my hatchling on his wall, surfed the web looking up Kimber handguns (story-related), and then sat back down. For some reason, I put the headphones back on, but did not turn on my MP3 Player (which is not a Zune, people). Result: many, many typos.

Apparently I cannot spell as well if I cannot hear as well. But, you say, perhaps it had more to do with how very rapidly you were typing, or perhaps the absolutely not ergonomically-correct position you had inexplicably chosen today. No, that’s not it. Totally the headphones. Thanks a lot, Bose.

As respects Valentine’s Day. My husband will attest that, when it comes to Valentine’s Day, I am something of an a-hole. In the past, I’ve scheduled (I swear, I didn’t realize the date) business trips, college reunions, and skydiving adventures in places one can only access by boat. This happened for, as he tells it, several years in a row. Anyway, I forgot again this year, but was not scheduled to be anywhere, and we had a lovely dinner with our lovely selves, falling more in love with one another by the minute, and ended the night with a charming bottle of champagne. And I swear that every year hence, except those wherein I forget again or something shiny catches my eye and hypnotizes me, I will partake in the best Valentine’s Day ever.

Which brings me to my point (I’m calling it that because I’m tired and considering going to bed, and I couldn’t possibly end without making a point), sometimes the most romantic movies aren’t billed as romances. When I think back on all the romantic movies I’ve ever seen, and many of them do blur together, I must conclude, once again, that The Abyss is the most romantic movie of all time, particularly the extended director’s cut, which becomes the most extendedly-romantic movie of all time.

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