Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday Now (as opposed to Tuesday Next)

The impudent hatchlings are at it again. I was showing the real hatchling, my 21-month old son, the Disney cartoon Robin Hood (best Robin Hood ever, by the way) and he loved it. He especially loved that the main character is a fox, which he pronounces "fock". Now, during my pre-hatchling days, I would have found this hilarious and tried to find every ingenious way I possibly could to prompt him to talk about foxes (though in the singular) at every turn. Now, however, I must be RESPONSIBLE. I must be the ADULT. How I miss the old days.

One of the imaginary hatchlings, an urban fantasy novel involving demons and possibly a Spaniard, is behaving wretchedly. The plot keeps falling off the wagon and stumbling about, drunk and disorderly, and the characters keep trying to go to bed together when they have important THINGS TO DO. I'm seriously considering sending them all to counseling, and/or rehab. Has A&E's Intervention ever intervened with fictional characters? Would that be just utterly too Jasper Fforde?

Finally, a couple of future hatchlings are circling like sharks and I'm afraid it's time to dip my toes in the tank...more on that should I lose a digit.

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