Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Permission to Pass

It's been a week since I updated the blog, so it's past time to update the blog. I even have some ideas for posts. What I don't have is time. So, for today, I give myself permission not to post. I pass this permission on to you as well, should you need it. Keep it in you back pocket if you want to save it for another day.

But, because I don't totally want to cheat you, I offer a link. The delightful and impossibly busy Jackie Kessler has posted about maintaining balance while fitting writing in around life. This post is important. If you've already got the family and/or the full-time job, you know. If you don't yet, read this and file it away somewhere in your brain for later. It's important.

Jackie mentions her health, and I have seen a lot of writers have trouble with their health lately, whether it's eye strain or high blood pressure while trying to meet life's obligations plus a deadline, or chronic back pain from sitting at a chair for forty hours a week and then for four hours more each night. Your body is important. It's the only one you get, and if you want a long career as a writer, you need to keep it in shape.

So, I said I was skipping the post tonight, and look where I'm at. The fourth paragraph. I'll stick that permission slip back into my own pocket for later use.

Take care, gentle peeps.

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