Monday, July 5, 2010

Today Was a Good Day

My brother and his lovely girlfriend are up visiting. They hosted my husband and myself in April in St. Paul, MN, and very good hosts they were - assisting us in keeping up our self-imposed eleventy-billion calorie-a-day diet.

We followed a beam of sunshine into the forest today for a hike. Sunshine has, sadly, been more rare than rainbows in the last month, so we were hard-core, all the way, balls-to-the-wall stoked about it. It was gloriously beautiful, except for the mosquitoes and horse flies, which kept strafing my hair and buzzing something that sounded ominously like "fresh meat, fresh meat". Of course the clouds sensed our euphoria, tracked us down and released the Kraken! I mean, the Rain! It was freezing cold, hard as pebbles thrown by a moderately-athletic child of six or seven, and soaked us through within two minutes.

We followed the adventure in the woods with sushi from the appropriately-named Sushi & Sushi. I recommend Chong's roll and the hamachi, both of which nearly required me to make unladylike sounds of appreciation. Highly recommended if you're in Anchorage and want either traditional or modern/fusion sushi.

And now everyone else is either asleep or elsewhere, and it's time to write. Cheers.

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