Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Announcement of Brief Respite

Alright, folks. Quick update. I probably won't be posting for week or so. I know, whatever will you do with yourselves? I'm about to dive into revisions again, and I'm trying to be serious about it. Which means I rise at dawn for a five-mile run through thigh-high snow, then eat unsalted porridge, then chop down trees, then do sit-ups in a barn...wait. That's the training regimen for Rocky IV.

I'm just going to hunker down in my tiny, FREEZING office where cold air inexplicably pours in from every corner, and revise and polish. I can't listen to music when I polish, because when I do, I end up with embarrassing typos, particularly related to pronouns, as in: "He bent her arm at an unnatural angle, gritting its teeth against the pain." What?

I will be available on Twitter, where you can catch updates on things like:
 -What kind of alcohol I want to drink 15 minutes into the day job. Answer: Just one beer - now who do we know that makes a 64 oz beer?
-And,  #todaystypo: "I acknowledge your clam" - meant to be "claim". Acknowledging another person's clam is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay personal.

Keep on keeping on,


  1. It's SO good to set a goal for yourself and work really hard to achieve it. My typos are usually very stupid and don't make sense either. But I feel more creative when I write while listening to music.

    Good luck!

  2. Nanda,
    Yes, presiousss goalsss. I do listen to music before starting writing, and during breaks. For instance, this is a break and I'm listening to Cold War Kids: Audience. They are brilliant live, if you ever get the chance.

    I've revised roughly 66K words and hope to finish the "easy" fixes tonight. So far, I have two tricky, little plot points to operate on and half a chapter I'll need to revisit and polish the hell out of. That's for another night.