Sunday, September 5, 2010

Meet Me at Goodreads

Thanks to all of you who've noticed the new features on my blog. Or NOT, as the case may be.

Actually, the only new feature is the Goodreads link on the lower right. I had a really awesome post introducing it, but blogger just swallowed it and booted me out. So now I'm peeved and will be writing a slightly peevish post.

I recently joined Goodreads and have been adding books I've read and those I'm reading (there always seem to be three, no matter how quickly I finish them). This should appeal to the voyeuristic types amongst you, dear readers, since you'll be able to look at the scandalous nature of my choices. And some are scandalous, due mostly to my previously-secret addiction to romance novels. Thanks for keeping that under wraps, darling Kindle, but it's time they knew.

I'll be reviewing the truly spectacular ones as I discover/devour them, and those books that have most profoundly affected (or even effected!) me. That should help you in figuring out exactly how I turned out like this.

And, if you want to stop by at Goodreads and chat about books we've read or are reading in common, please do. Sadly, most of my friends are illiterate and too proud to buy audiobooks. Just kidding. Only about 20% are illiterate, but the others think it's cool to act that way. I really hate them sometimes.

I just finished Brent Weeks' The Way of Shadows, and wow did that one earn a review. My reviews generally don't contain spoilers, by the way, possibly because I'm not very good at writing reviews, so I try not to make them worse by actively spoiling the book. I working on that (getting better at reviews, not spoiling things).

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  1. That's funny. I just did the same thing--only I joined Goodreads a while back for some contest but am now using in earnest. Adding books like crazy too...but haven't added the erotica ones...yet. Just wish WordPress (the free version) allowed the cool Goodreads widgets like you have.