Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Design Revamp

The Impudent Hatchlings conspired to achieve a new look. They had been receiving comments that the blog was difficult to read on handhelds and, also, that it might be riotously ugly. I happen to like orange, but I would never deprive fascinated readers from the opportunity to blame my blog for rear-ending a stranger in traffic.

So, ta-freaking-da...here is the new look. But don't get too, too cozy with it, because as soon as I track down a bearded web genius who takes payments in sweat pants and sushi, all this will change. Again. For the better.



  1. I like this much better. It has less of the Fires-of-Mount-Doom feel to it. :)

  2. ZOMG! My eyes! It burnssssess! It burnsss--!

    Oh wait. That's much better.

    Very nice. Will you be adding Thomas Kinkade prints on the walls?

    (Oh yeah--added Hatchlings to my blogroll)

  3. Hmm, and here I thought it was pleasant and lively. Just wait until I get Spicy Tim in here to work his magic. It's gonna be...oh, uhm...magic.