Sunday, October 31, 2010

A New Ring of Hell...I Mean: Time for NaNoWriMo

I'm starting to feel like the Dunkin Donuts guy. Gotta blog. Gotta tweet. Gotta comment on blogs and tweets. Gotta feed and bathe and educate the toddler. Gotta prep a piece for that blogroll. Already prepped that piece for the blogroll! Gotta put in my 40 hours a week at the day job. Gotta polish and submit that short story. Gotta finishing editing manuscript and get it back to Madame Agent. And now, the King Rat of gotta-do's: Gotta get ready for NaNoWriMo.

I know, I know...I don't have to do it. Just like I don't have to change my clothes every day (this will be reduced to once a week starting tomorrow...sorry in advance to all who encounter me). But I'd like to at least try.

As the days grow shorter and darker, as my body assumes it's time to hibernate and tries to take my brain with it, 30 days of frenetic chaos amidst the exalting cheers and miserable groans of my fellow writers sounds like bliss. Or one of the rings of Dante's version of Hell. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference.

NaNoWriMo gives me a clear word count goal, a strict deadline, and NO ROOM FOR EXCUSES. Facebook? What's that? Forums? Don't exist during the month of November. Twitter? Well, I'll probably still dink around on twitter.

But the point is, this is the month for hard focus, quick showers, strong fingers (and coffee), and writerly mania. For those already in the ranks of NaNo, I salute you! For those who will be sitting this out or have no idea what I'm talking about, I'll see you in December.

Now, excuse me while I prepare to UNLEASH FIRST DRAFT HELL!

P.S. If you'd like to buddy me for NaNo, I'm hjacques1.

P.P.S. Even if you're my buddy, don't get in my way while I UNLEASH FIRST DRAFT HELL. kthanksbye


  1. I like your spirit! It's my first year doing NaNo and I'm pretty excited about it. Let the suffering and awesomeness begin.

  2. The Suffering and the Awesomeness is now the name of my Emo band (children's music). Good luck, Rebecca!

  3. Missing you, Hillary!

    Good luck with NaNo!!!


  4. Hi Bru!!! I'm so happy to see you here (in case the blatant use of exclamation points doesn't make that clear)!

    I need all the luck I can get on this one. I have a good outline, but very little time.

    Take Care!

  5. Finished yet, Hillary? Hurry up!


  6. Gasp! How darest thou tarnish mine own comments section with vile, evil laughter?

    P.S. I haven't started yet.
    P.P.S. Don't tell anyone!

  7. I'm really, really (not really) close!