Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Status, It Is Quo

I'll try to post the next installment of my "journey" soon. But I've gotten back into the swing of writing (I was beaten down by a couple of impudent hatchlings, and have only just climbed out of the muddy pit they threw me in), so I'm gleefully putting words on page as quickly as I can. I was so excited that I bought a bottle of champagne to celebrate, but I'm afraid to pop the cork since I've heard it's not wise (at least for some urban fantasy authors) to drink and write.

I'll also be traveling abroad at the end of the week. Relax, it's just Canada. Not the part adjacent to Alaska, on account of my husband getting us blacklisted in the Yukon Territory. I'll be attending the Surrey International Writers Conference, or SiWC, which has a phenomenal line-up of workshops and speakers.

And, finally, I have to get ready for my dreaded nemesis, I mean NaNoWriMo. I allowed myself to be peer pressured into it, and think I might actually be fired up enough after this conference to participate with some chance of success.

So, fear not, my pretties. I will be back soon, hopefully with awesome stories of how I did not spend all my time flowered to the wall or hiding under the table at the conference.

Listening to: Echo and the Bunnymen - Bring on the Dancing Horses


  1. Yay, peer-pressured into NaNoWriMo! :D

    Hey, if you keep filling out the pages 'til the end of October, you might be able to just keep going into the month. So as Elena said... Write on!

  2. Kelly Meding doesn't drink and write...but I do. Plus I listen to Yngwie Malmsteen. And look! I finished three books in two years! I'm just fine! Wait...maybe? Not.

    Thou shalt write well, Hillary, liquored up or not, methinks. Pop dat cork! And I would liketoshtate for the reocrd that I am no drunk rigt now.

  3. Maybe I'll see you while I'm hiding under tables... it would be great to manage to connect & say hi! ;)

  4. I'm pretty sure that "write on" is the best advice I've ever received. Thanks Elena and Claudie!

    Kevin, note that I said "some". You've got a whole, baffling regimen of your own. :) Also, "liketoshtate" is my new favorite word.

    Shari! Ironic Mom! I totally hope to meet up. Feel free to approach if you see me muttering to myself and wandering in circles. I'm short and freckled.

  5. Blacklisted in the Yukon?!? Wow!

  6. BAD SCENE, ACE. It was a BAD SCENE. Totally not my fault, but still I bear the shame and consequences.