Tuesday, March 22, 2011


It's been more than a week since I first encountered it, and I'm still stuck on this phrase. It's rare that I'm surprised by a word or phrase. Sure, I encounter words I've never heard or seen in print, a smattering of letters I'm required to look up. Some of them I remember. Some drift away, the meaning returning to whatever place it inhabited before I glimpsed it.

Catawampous has always surprised me, but catawamptiously chawed up is a real treat. You can practically taste, all but feel the meaning as you say it.

Meaning: utterly defeated, badly beaten. Catawamptiously chawed up. Brilliant.

What are your favorites?


  1. Delicious! (Now I'll try saying it ten times. Fast.) :D

  2. This is a word that if stumbled upon somewhere I'd say it was fake... lol
    Living and learning.

    My favorite word could be Kerfuffle. It's amusing.

  3. Best of luck with that, Samantha. :D

    Love "kerfuffle", EEV. It was made to amuse.

  4. That is definitely one to write down! Love it.

  5. Right now I'm prisoner to the word "snaffle," which is British slang meaning to steal or take for oneself. Jay Kristoff told me 'bout it. :)