Thursday, June 9, 2011


The weekend is nearly here, my dears. Pat yourself on the back if you made it through intact. If not, gather your dropped pieces in a bag, throw them on ice, and pray you run into a doctor sometime soon. *Imagines streets filled with people wandering aimlessly, pushing wheelbarrows or pulling red, aluminum wagons, small human flotsam and jetsam wriggling in ziplocks*

Anyway, in celebration of the weekend (and with a hat tip to the mighty Margo Lerwill) I offer you a few timely drink recipes. Bottoms up.

Cross Party Vote
1 part bourbon
1 part Coke Zero
sour mix

Summer in the City
2 parts red Gatorade
1 part vodka
garnish with strip of discarded newspaper

The Kindle
1 part vodka
2 parts 7-Up
(layer grenadine and midori in a shotglass next to The Kindle, but do not add to allow Kindle drinker to drink)

The Long Goodnight
2 parts gin
1 part muddled mango
lime juice

Midnight Sun
an 24-pack of canned beer
a pickup truck
a river

Have a great weekend, everybody!


  1. The Long Goodnight...I love it! LOL. Of course, Midnight Sun is the best...though I will be inside writing and querying with a bottle of wine. Did I say bottle? I Yup. Glass. :P

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  3. *gets drunk from reading post*

  4. *laughing*

    For those of us who don't have access to exotic ingredients: Is there a substitute for the strip of discarded newspaper?

  5. LOL! We need to put out a recipe collection of just the drinks we've inspired with twitter and blog posts!

    [hoists a cross party vote to writer-friends and fridays]

  6. @HektorKarl - perhaps try a discarded, broken shoelace.

  7. "a discarded, broken shoelace."


    My dog certainly seems to find those very tasty.