Saturday, June 18, 2011


I'm on a mini-vacation. Just a few days out of town, living out of a single, rolling suitcase in a single, hopefully not-rolling room. (We had a nice little 5.2 earthquake on Thursday, so I'm a little leery of, well, the planet right now.)

I have a row of miniature products all lined up in the bathroom which, because they are just smaller versions of my regular products, make me feel as though I've contracted adult-onset giantism, but without the changes in proportions.

We're in Seattle, and I actually brought my camera this time, which I've mostly forgotten on every vacation for the last ten years. So, if I run into anything cool, I will be sure to share. (There are rumors of naked bicyclists. That, if I am forced to witness it, will not be shared. I just...those parts should not be exposed to those seats.)

What's your favorite destination for a quick retreat? The Sahara? The cabin by the bug-infested lake? Home alone?


  1. I thought you'd enjoy this:

    Have a safe and happy vacation!

  2. Sommer!!! The "Ice" one!!! I love organ harvesting humor! Bwahaahaa

    Nick - Very pretty, and very high elevation.

  3. Wait, people actually go on vacations to relax and not just to visit family? I've been doing this wrong. ;)