Sunday, October 2, 2011


Saturday wasn't as Caturday as I would have liked.

Caught a flight at 12: 20 a.m.. Landed in Minneapolis, MN at 12:20 p.m. Proceeded to drive north, hunting coffee and foliage. Barely found either, but did have a lovely time at Gooseberry Falls.

 Lower Falls - the only area not overrun with peoples.

Pond below the falls. The leaves are a little behind in changing this year, but they're going to be spectacular when they go.

If I lived in Minnesota, I'd hang out here with my kids for days. Lovely spot.


  1. I'm from Minnesota and have been to Gooseberry Falls many times. Glad you enjoyed it! I live in Nebraska now and like being away from home, but I always miss the water!

  2. Wow, gorgeous!! I used to make business trips to Minneapolis when I worked for US Bank but I only ever saw downtown and St. Paul. This and Stillwater (the only place in MN where I did get to hang out) are worth the trip.

  3. It was lovely, Javid.

    M.E. - I can see why you'd miss it. Lovely.

    Claire - I liked that slightly more than downtown S.P. ;)