Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I spent a couple of hours yesterday standing still in dirty, dirty alleys while local denizens strolled and bicycled past. And by that I mean they stood and stared from uncomfortably close distances, saying nothing as they smoked or drank from their paper bag-wrapped bottles.

Why, you ask? Was I on some sort of pigeon flu and hepatitis investigative mission? No, or, only incidentally.

That's just what a photo session looks like when you tell the photographer you write urban fantasy and that urban fantasy tends to happen in urban environments and he decides that nothing says "urban" like busted drug vials stuck to the soles of your flip-flops.

It's all very glamorous.

So, we've got dozens of photos to sort through. The general theme is that I tend to look either suspicious or angry most of the time, which of course is just what people want to see staring back at them from the back of a book they've just finished.

We'll see if we can't sort something out, maybe photoshop me a smile or something. And then it will be time to build a website on which to paste said altered photo. So much to do, so many things I'd rather be doing.


  1. Explain this photo shoot business to this chica who is very much out of the loop. Are you, like, an even bigger celebrity now than you already were? Is this for your novella or something even bigger? My authorial photo shoot was my husband tucking a towel over the closet door to make a backdrop. I then whined until a very kind and talented friend photoshopped the hell out of it. I now look like Amy Adams. LOL

  2. Forget Photoshop, I say keep the Infinite Stare of Total Awesome photo up there. I'd definitely buy a book with that author pic on it because that woman would look like she knooooooows things. . . .

  3. Amy Adams, Claire? That is...strange. We did a couple things on photoshop that make me laugh until I cried, but I will not be showing them to anyone. And, no, my "celebrity" stays where it has been. Wherever that is. :)

    Aww, Cobra, thanks. And yes, I do know things. Limericks, Bruckheimer movie quotes, low-fat recipes that taste just as good as the real thing, snippets of Shakespeare, a little bit of Italian. The list is long, but distinguished.

  4. I'm with Cobra. That pic up there reminds me a little of Robert B. Parker's black and white author photos from some of his older paperbacks.

    I Photoshopped mine. But just to give it that vintage, sepia tone look.

  5. Maybe you are suspicious and angry? And there is nothing more urban than crack vials. :) j/k! For one, I think you're adorable. I don't know if that will sell you any books. :)

  6. Ace - because he also wore a blouse with a banded collar and lace cut-outs? How peculiar.

    Bettie - I think I might be just a bit of both. :) And thank you. You're the SWEETEST.