Saturday, March 10, 2012


I haven't been reading as much as I'd like. This is a serious problem for me. I read at a book-a-day pace, with average books. As many as three if they're light and on the shorter side. But I don't have the time, and I can't read certain books when I'm writing. Books with formal styles or anything written in present tense affect my voice, and not for the better.

I have to sneak stories in between projects, or while I'm sick or flying. My to-be-read pile got so tall that I had to stop buying books and just keep a list. Now that list is so long it's slowing down my hard drive. What happens if I can't read everything I want to read? Will the combined weight of words crush me?

How do you keep track of these things? Do you feel like you're missing out? Are there any must-read stories that came out recently that I actually Must Read?


  1. I tried keeping track of (and even organizing) my TBR pile and was quickly overwhelmed. Instead, my books are simply shoved onto shelves and, unless there is a burning desire to read a specific title right-this-moment, I just grab one and dig in. 'Course, my hour-long bus commute affords me plenty of time to read.

    Or sleep.

    Mostly sleep.

  2. The worst thing I've done is download a bunch of titles at a time onto my kindle. Things move around, and I rediscover I own them three months later when I try to buy them again. The good news? They still interest me!