Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I received an email today, from a passionate aspiring author, asking why I don't blog every day.

It's the key, she said, to building an audience before you have a lot of published books that can build their own buzz. Which made my mind drift off into a world where reading a book became mildly intoxicating. And then I remembered that, with the right book, it can be mildly intoxicating. Euphoric. Consciousness-altering.

Where was I? Oh, yes. I don't blog every day because I have two jobs and a family. Yes, I do consider writing to be a job and, yes, I do dedicate hours weekly to both writing and educating myself on the craft and the industry. Because I'd rather be writing those to-be books than blogging about writing them. Which isn't to say there is no value in posts of that nature. Some of my favorite blogs before I was published, and some of my favorite blogs to day, are about the process. The journey. The Sisyphean climb toward publication.

Neil Gaiman recently wrote a post on the writing process and that point in the drafting of a book where he steps out of the fog and onto the clear path. Neil Fucking Gaiman. Talking about being uncertain. For me, that may be all that ever needs to be said: writing a book is taxing and frustrating and crazymaking. It's also, in brief lonesome moments, the most satisfying thing you can imagine.

So that's why I don't blog every day. More power to those who manage to while hitting their writing goals. I tip my hat to you all.

End trans.

P.S. If I did blog everyday, you'd all want to scream at me to stop the inanity. So there's also that.


  1. I'm on ur blog, commenting on ur blog posts.

    Saaame, though. I need to get into the habit of writing *any* blog posts. Let alone daily ones. I don't think I have the mental capacity to do that AND be entertaining, or even coherent, at the same time. With my insane work weeks plus the politics thing plus writing, I am pretty much using up all brain capacity I have :-)

    Also, hi!

    1. You're like the blog ninja, sneaking in like that! :D

      If I do two a week, it's because I either have big news or am trying to avoid something difficult. Once a week would be a good goal to start, or re-start in my case.