Sunday, June 6, 2010

MS#3 - Eight (in which I express much shock)

As those of you who check my blog hourly (what's up stalkers friends?) know, last night I sent out my first partial wave of queries to literary agents. Not my first ever, but that is a long and boring story.

This afternoon, while I was basking in the sun with one eye on my two year-old and the other on the steady stream of small aircraft whisking tourists off to remote fishing camps, my buh-berry pinged me. And what, dear readers, did it say? Why, I had a response from an agent...and not one of those auto-replies to confirm receipt. No, it was a living, breathing response. A request, in fact, for a full manuscript.

So, for those of you keeping count at home, todays stats are:
Queries sent: 4
MS Requests: 1
Rejections: 0

Of course, that response was hellaciously fast, and the rejections and non-responses are sure to catch up, but I'm pleased for the moment. Hopefully the agent will be as well.


  1. omg yayyy!! that's fantastic news!! :D :D

    you must keep us posted on your progress!

  2. Tahereh,
    Will do! There is already fodder for today's post - lucky number seven.

  3. !!! awesome! that's wonderful, hillary! fingers are crossed for you ;)