Wednesday, November 3, 2010

5 Tips To Be a Better NaNo-er (or Writer in General)

It's November; you can't expect much from me.

1. Stop eating all the time. You're not even hungry! (That's a life lesson. You're welcome.)

2. Make sure all your characters want things and do things. Existing for the sole purpose of engaging in clever dialog does not count. (It's not as clever as you think it is anyway.)

3. Don't spend your time watching other writers' vlogs (unless it's this one or this one). They make them in order to distract you so that, on a universal level, they will be better than you because they focused while you were gawking and giggling over their vlog. (Not sure how I feel about the created-word "vlog".)

4. Stop searching the interwebs for startling and amazing photos of yakuza tattoos. (This might just be a personal issue. Note how I didn't include a link, so that now YOU will be forced to search for them. See point #3. Mwaahahaha.)

5. Do not reenact classic battles from the days of yore (like the hatchet gang ambush from Drunken Master II) using army men, live cats (the army men were little, green and plastic-not live), and emery boards. Just...just don't.

Good Night, and Good Luck.


  1. Ahahaha!

    btw, I am refusing to google yakuza tattoos, even though I REALLY REALLY want to now, because I am just that stubborn.

  2. Your stubbornness will be its own reward, grasshopper.

    Except that, when you have time, you should check them out. Epic. And, surprisingly tasteful (if you don't mind the incidental nudity). These are not small tattoos, nor do they avoid sensitive areas. TMI?

  3. Oh, #1 definately addresses my chocolate problem :-D

  4. LOL. Number 2 (especially) should be part of a handbook distributed to all writers!

  5. LM, NaNo starting immediately after Halloween is a terrible, terrible coincidence.

    Margo, when I saw a wee little writer, the majority of what I produced were scenes in which people stood around talking (everybody sounded the same, too). Nothing happened. Nobody changed. Nobody revealed anything about themselves. I literally bored a couple of readers to death. The wrongful death lawsuits have finally settled, and I have learned my lesson.

  6. You're cracking ME up now. ;) Glad yo liked the Vlog. :D

  7. Hatchet Gang FTW!

    I aim to please. ;)

  8. Hill - #2 a big help. Think I'm mostly doing that, making characters want and do. Good point.

  9. I do like to include at least one nugget of wisdom in my rambling, idiosyncratic musings. :)