Sunday, May 15, 2011


Sorry I've been scarce. There was some overtime for the Dayy Jobb. We've had nice weather. And I'm working on a story that, every time I raise my head, pelts me with sharp stones and balls of slush.  I'm about to tear out a Mad Libs sheet, complete it, add some fantastical crap and a brutal death, staple it to the end of the story and call it The Effing End.

As soon as I get my head above water, I'll be back. With freaking bells on.

Hope you're all having a great summer. :D


  1. LOL you can do it! Just keep your strength up by eating lots of legumes ;)

  2. Mad Libs! Gosh I loved those when I was a kid.

    But on topic, I think just threatening the story with the staple gun might save you some hassle. Or maybe I just the like the idea of bullying things with dangerous tools.

    (Word verification: ponsi? Excuse me while I get my staple gun and have a chat with Blogger.)

  3. I do love the legumes, Girl Friday! (That was the silliest research I've done all day, except for when I watched a bunch of youtube videos of '70s stunt drivers)

    I like where your head is at with this, Margo. I've threatened all kinds of things. Lacking pain receptors, the story just continues to mock me. :(

  4. The story isn't mocking you. It's wanting to be written. The pelting is it wanting you to sit and pay more attention to it.

    Mine do that. I have bruises.