Friday, May 27, 2011


Every now and again I am hit with, nay, I am well-nigh overcome with the burning desire to play a bass guitar really freaking well. And I can't do it. I don't know the first thing. My fingers, they are not nimble. I'm tone-deaf. I can read sheet music as well as I can program DOS basic (really slowly, with much teeth-grinding and a very rudimentary product).

But I want to. Oh, how I want to.

You got any overwhelming and completely unexplored desires, kids?

P.S. This post was brought to you by a crippling, sudden-onset desire to play bass.


  1. To play guitar. There's nothing that stops me from doing it except for the lack of time. It just falls between the cracks.


  2. To play soccer. My only option is to play with/against much, much younger people. It would be embarrassing. For everyone.

  3. Drawing. I really want to draw properly, if only to sketch characters and settings and all the powerful images my mind comes up with.

    Unfortunately, I can't. I try nearly every summer to draw every day, but I can't seem to do anything noteworthy.

  4. I wish I could draw people. I have bunches ideas for character sketches and they never come out the way I want them to.

  5. Guitar. Even went so far as to purchase an electric guitar with amp and an acoustic, too. And books of my favourite songs with "easy" chords. I suck! So now my son's taken over the guitars :)

  6. Drive a manual transmission in San Francisco (those hills are death). Face off against a marauding yeti with a hand cannon (or barring that, an angry polar bear). Practice with bamboo kendo swords.

    I already play some guitar and some piano. And I draw somewhat.

    But driving a manual transmission. It eludes me.

  7. Aww, keep practicing Marion and Elsie. Baby steps. Baby mouse steps, even.

    Ace, we went to the zoo this weekend and saw a recently-orphaned polar bear cub. It was young, like a few months old, and was playing with its rubber water bowl. It was making the scariest damn noises I've ever heard from an animal, wild or domestic. So, just be warned. If you're facing off against a marauding and/or angry polar bear, you might want to bring an extra set of pants...or pants surrogates.