Wednesday, December 14, 2011



I don't have any photos of the hot wax and wire sculpture of the rib cage that I made in high school. It was awesome, one of those things where you finish, stand back and say, "I cannot freaking believe I made that. Also, why don't I have any fingerprints left".  I don't even have the sculpture, since my dad found it in the garage and was like, "wax ribcage; useless" and tossed it. So, thank you for the inquiries, but I just can't share it with you.


As you may have noticed, since I've been babbling about it constantly, I have a book coming out. A novella under a pen name (please see Books page for details). I'm going to be busy with that, and trying to whip the sequel into shape, for the next couple months. My posts here will be fewer, but I will be back. If you want to track me in the meantime, please follow the blog o me pen name for the interim. "She" would be happy to have you.


Joss Whedon, what have you done? Is The Cabin in the Woods a slasher film with a complicated sci fi twist? Why yes, I believe it is.


  1. Damn! I wanted to see that sculpture. Had my heart set on it, actually. :) Congrats, if I haven't told you already, about the novella. I think you said it's available in PDF form, so I'm going to buy it if it is. :)

  2. congrats on the novella! maybe you can draw us a picture of what you remember the sculpture to look like :D

  3. Thanks, April. I do appreciate it. Carina Press will be selling an e-Pub, which isn't the same as PDF, but you don't need an e-reader to read it.

    Thanks, Jessica. My drawing is even worse than my sculpting, but perhaps this will be a way to satisfy the masses (like, seven people).