Monday, December 12, 2011


We lost Internet connectivity at our house this weekend, for about 18 hours, and it was terrible! We didn't lose power, which a lot of people did. Nor did we get stranded miles from home in blizzard conditions, which was solely a matter of luck since we collectively drove several hundred miles over the weekend.

Now we've got eight inches of heavy, wet snow on top of a melted and refrozen road system that resembles a particularly sadistic washboard. Very hard to drive on, let me tell you, though I confess the challenge was fun. Although, I couldn't figure out why nobody was using their turn indicators until three coworkers separately told me they were too scared to take their hands off the steering wheel.

So much for the cold, dry winter we'd been told to expect.


  1. *sigh* I hate winter. I wouldn't care if we didn't have seasons at all. Summer all the time. And man...18 hours w/o the Internet! That'd be tough!!! I mean, I've gone camping w/o it, but it's different b/c you KNOW you're not going to have it. When you're home...turning to the Internet is second nature. LOL Maybe it shouldn't be, but it is.

  2. It's always summer in heaven, I bet. What irritated me was that we had cable tv, but not cable Internet. Guess which one I use for entertainment? :)

  3. feel free to send some of that my way. I never get any snow :(

  4. You say that now, Jessica...

    Aimee: correct. It is tres brrrrrr. On the upside, I saw the sun today. First time in...11 days?