Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year, New Rules

WARNING: May Contain Disturbing Imagery

It all started like a lame remake of The Shining. We thought we could handle it...

But that all changed after the masked man gutted the clown. We tried to escape...

But the jetway in Purgatory takes you nowhere. So we had to fight our way out...

How was your New Years?


  1. Hillary... I fear for the safety of the children in your mind....

  2. *wants to be in Hillary's mind*

    It looks far more interesting than RL. Just sayin'


  3. I can only imagine the tale your kidlet will tell years from now. :D

  4. Which lobster won?

  5. Bettie, no children (imaginary or real) were injured during our New Years Eve in Purgatory. I, however, may have been irreparably damaged.

    The lobster with the most passion in its cephalothorax, Claire. (Lobster anatomy humor FTW!) (Also, this may be my dorkiest post of 2011!)

  6. Looking at those lobsters made me think of West Side Story.

    Or the knife fight bit from "Beat It," just before the Michael Jackson lobster enters the scene.

  7. The Michael Jackson lobster, FTW!

    I know, Elena. It disturbed us as well.