Thursday, January 6, 2011

Status Report

In front of me: Chapstick and coconut lotion
-It's cold and dry, and I'd rather be thinking of the tropics.

To my right: Four books in various states of reading completion, and nine books either waiting to be cracked or on pre-order and due to arrive within the next two months. Also, jokers. Please note that one of the partially-read books is on my kindle, which I'm rationing because I lost my charger and the replacement I ordered hasn't yet arrived. You'd think the machine was my source of oxygen or nourishment the way I'm fretting over it.

To my left: Two shaved felines, one sleeping son, a dayy jobb that's finally considering slowing down from its screaming heights, clowns, and a car that's still at the body shop. (Thanks, East Coast winter storms, for disrupting national parts shipments.)

Behind me: Two completed novels, plus one stalled and another recently begun, a novella and a half, five short stories, and a folder containing a staggering 52 ideas and starts. All of these either began during or almost entirely completed during 2010.

It's not yet 9:00 p.m. and I'm going to bed (where I will likely read for three hours before passing out). Over and out.

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  1. Your right side (sorry 'bout your cord) and behind you stats sound achingly familiar. Also on my right is a car with a disfunctional stereo cause I can't get the security code re-entered.