Monday, January 17, 2011


I'm on vacation. We're big travelers in my family, perhaps due to living in Alaska and desperately needing occasional reprieves. Maybe just because we like trying on new places.

Rather than regale you with the list of fantastical things I'm doing (mostly sitting around and loving it with a ferocity rarely seen outside of cage fights), following is a list of things I'm not doing.

  • Working (insert big grin here)
  • Sitting in the dark, stoking the fires of nutritional rickets.
  • Grinding my teeth to nubs while driving on the jagged surface of a 6-month ice pack we call "the road system"
  • Needing the coffee I drink. For the moment I'm drinking it because I like it, not because I require it to Shaq Attack! my heart each morning
  • Overeating. I eat when I'm anxious or bored and, in my real life, I'm generally in a state of one or the other of these conditions, sometimes both at the same time (which I'm secretly proud of because it's a difficult trick)
  • Not writing a synopsis. A-ha! you say. That was a double negative! Correct. I'm leisurely preparing to submit a novella to an e-pub, and I have to write a synopsis for the submission. Why would I do this, you ask? Because even on the sunnyside, one can never fully submit to relaxation. Who knows if I'd be able to claw my way back to responsibility.

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