Monday, January 10, 2011

Social Media - The Rules, Take One.

*shuffles feet* So, I think it's time to start integrating my social media. *pantomimes gagging*

I've been paying attention to the hourly tweets, webinars, book releases, Powerpoint presentations, old articles on microfiche, and FB updates about it. I'm pretty sure I know what I'm doing. See:

Twitter - THE RULES
*80% gorgeous, unusual, witty personal anecdotes that amuse and inspire.
*10% self-promotion, but not in an arrogant or expectant way.
*10% spitfire flame wars, ranting tirades and moping about the same sh!t you moped about yesterday.

Facebook - THE RULES
*Mention every time I'm hungry but can't find anything other than a day-old bagel and/or a grape to eat.
*LOL at everything
*Pray for people to get the new transmission/boyfriend/promotion they deserve
*Endure my mother being constantly logged-on and watching me

Oh, who am I kidding. This integration is going to go about as well as a game of whackbat. (Starts at 1:37)


  1. Don't forget the "Like" button. Gotta like stuff too.

  2. Pretty sure you're supposed to spam all your friends with invites to Farmville and Vampire Wars too. least that's what my friends do...

  3. Keep the suggestions coming. I'm taking notes in my "how to irritate friends and straight up p!ss off stranger" notebook (volume III).


  4. LOL. (Couldn't resist) That was worth a good laugh and I'd say about 95% accurate. I look forward to "p!ss of strangers" volume III.