Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Battle of the (Non) Network (Non) Stars

I'm crawling toward the finish line of Dayy Jobb-mandated after hours work. The finish line doesn't mean I get a break, mind you. It just means that one objective has been UNLOCKED! *cue falling coins* Now I dust off, rehydrate, and eat that red mushroom I've been saving to kick-start my next life. (I miss you, Mario. Text me!)

On the other side of the finish line are two Shiny New Ideas which have been duking it out for a week as I plod closer and closer. Through the debris they've left in their frenzied wake, I see charcoal dust, spent shell casings, a fire in a brownstone, a Shaker rocking chair abandoned but still rocking gently on a country porch at night, and a '60s muscle car. May the best idea win!

What images are dripping from your shiny new ideas?


  1. Thoses images sound intriguing. Mine is one of my main characters who is now wearing scars.


  2. Ooh, I like the sound of your ideas. I need to finish my WIP so I can start on my shiny new ideas. There will be airships.

    PS If you search my blog you'll see a post about Mario and writing that you might like :)

  3. Scars, FTW, Misha!

    Airships? Straps on goggles. Mario? I am entranced. *wanders toward Girl Friday's blog*

  4. I've got a still pond, gnats, and two boys sitting on a dock.

  5. Gnats! I always forget the gnats!

    Actually one Mr. Kevin Hearne (psst...check out the link on the right) has sent me tottering around the rim of the deep, dark and vilely disturbing sub-sub-sub-genre known as...Carniepunk! So, now my mind is full of rusty metal trash barrels, an open semi trailer lit by a single, swinging lightbulb, and greasy hands...

  6. For those of you who don't know, Hillary is writing the definitive work in the genre, and it will take the world by its corn dog and throttle its cheap stuffed animals until...see, I can't write this stuff. Only Hillary can.

  7. My images continue to be of twin guns, twin Japanese short swords, a Shelby GT500, a metropolitan city in shadows, and metal limb transplants.

    Also, a two-headed axe, a longsword, and a black and metallic gray GMC Vandura van with a red stripe, black and red wheels, and a rooftop spoiler.

    And I'm still fiddling with the cover idea for CarniePunk.