Thursday, February 3, 2011


Tonight, my son asked me what sound memory makes. We were driving home after a day of work, for me, and day care, for him. I think I understand the origins of the question. He's learning his letters and their associated sounds, and we were recently talking about the game "Memory", wherein you try to recall what's on the face of upside-down cards in order to match them. Last night, he asked why the game was called "Memory" and I tried to explain what it is to remember. I didn't attempt to explain the shades and ghosts of sensations that comprise memories. Knowing how he came to the question didn't make it any less profound for me.

So I'll pass it on to you:

What sound does memory make?


  1. I think it might be different for everyone, but mine flashes into my mind with no sound. Unless there is a sound involved with the memory.


  2. I"m with Misha. My memory is a mute!

    Except for those times when I recall something I'd rather not, and then there is a pronounced "Dammit!"

  3. Oh... that's such a lovely quote. Kids say the best things.

    Perhaps it sounds like the gentle sigh of pages in a book being turned over :)

  4. I think the sound probably varies by era, the different times and places as diverse and uncertain as changes in the barometric pressure.

  5. Tell him it's whatever sounds he wants it to make. It's different for every person.

    Mine makes the Star Trek transporter sound when I create a memory.

    And when I need to remember information, it goes "Ding!"